Many people have difficulty caring for their toenails and sore feet. Some often go to beauty salons to take care of their toenails, which unfortunately, do not always practice good infection control. We have our own on site nail care center at Christie Foot & Ankle.

How is Christie Foot & Ankle nail care center different than a nail salon?

Our on site nail care center is supervised by our podiatrist. Our nail care technicians are all licensed and trained.

Christie Foot & Ankle nail care center offers specially trained staff and an autoclave for sterilizing equipment and supplies. Our team provides personalized foot and nail care for all patients who want beautiful and safe pedicures. Our patients can enjoy foot and nail care spa style treatments which are safe medically, as well as relaxing and soothing. Come visit our comfortable, clean environment, and insure that you receive the best possible treatment.

What services does Christie Foot & Ankle nail care center provide?

  • A routine nail care appointment offers toenail trimming and shaping while you relax in our massage chair. This service will last roughly 30 minutes.
  • A medical grade pedicure includes a therapeutic foot soak to cleanse and soften your feet. Our technicians will also clean and smooth your cuticles, file any corns and calluses, and cut and shape your nails. Our technicians finish this service with an exfoliation of your feet. You can choose natural, buffed, or polished nail finishes. This service will last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Eco-fin massage is a natural, petroleum free alternative to paraffin used in our massage therapies to soothe and heal damaged skin. The mixture of palm, soy, and jojoba oils plus shea butter and vitamin E is an excellent option for diabetic patients or otherwise, suffering from dry, cracked, damaged skin. This service will last roughly 20 minutes.
  • Prosthetic toenails are available currently for those with fungal, broken, or damaged toenails. Our office uses a product called Keryflex to temporarily rebuild your nails. The system in use is essentially a medical grade nail gel system. The prosthetic nail is attached to your own nail or nail bed and has the appearance of a healthy nail. The prosthetic nail will last anywhere from 2 to 3 months, with additional fill-ins required at that time. Have your nails instantly ready for summer sandals or for events! For additional information, please call our office.

What do these services cost?

We are continuously updating and offering promotional pricing on our services throughout the year. A list of our basic services pricing can be found below. None of the nail care center services are covered by insurance. We would like you to know that your insurance will not be filed for these treatments. Payment is due at the time of treatment.

Patients with diabetes must be seen by a doctor initially, for safety purposes, and will incur a regular doctor visit fee, separate from the salon treatment fee.

Pedicure (no polish) – $25.00

Pedicure regular polish – $30.00

Pedicure gel polish – $35.00

Eco-fin massage – $20.00

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